Business Licensing

All businesses are required to obtain a yearly business license from the Town of San Luis before operating, conducting or carrying on any retail trade, profession or business within the Town.

The Business License fee is $100.00 and is due upon submitting and application with the Town of San Luis and is due for renewal on January 1st of each year.


When is a Business License required?

  1. If you own a business in San Luis Town limits.
    (no matter whether it is home based or store front)

  2. If you enter San Luis town limits to sell items or to render a service.

  3. If you have recently bought a business (licenses are not transferable between owners).

  4. If you have changed your business location in the Town of San Luis.

  5. A business must have a license for each physical location.
    In summary, anyone conducting business within the city limits must have an
    annually-issued license

Types of Licenses:

Annual Business License

  1. For any businesss with a physical presence in San Luis
    (For example, a store front or a home based business in city limits.)

  2. Retail or service based.

Event License

  1. Required for special event vendors (farmers market, festivals, etc.)

  2. Licenses are available for businesses that are only selling at any events in a calendar year.

To obtain a Business License please visit the Town Hall at 408 Main Street, San Luis to fill out an application and submit your fees.

A Business License fee of $100.00 is also required for Home Office Businesses as well.

For more information call the Town Clerk at (719) 672-3321.