Welcome to the Town of San Luis

Stations of the Cross 10K Run
Sunday, July 29, 2018 • 7:30 am
San Luis, Colorado


NAME TIME Age Group Placed
Sebastian Campos 43.33 18 & Under 1st
Martin Villalva 44.21 40 to 49 2nd
Victor Ramirez 45.35 18 to 39 3rd
Ted Sillox 50.57 60 & Up 4th
Robert Kanieski 52.47 40 to 59 5th
Randy Robison 54.00 18 to 39 6th
Eric Carpo 54.34 40 to 59 7th
Aaron Ladd 61.04 10 to 39 8th
Sandra Pawloski 1.11.20 40 to 59 9th
Andrea Miller 1.16.28 40 to 59 10th
Ross Westley 1.23.32 60 & Up 11th
Miranda Esquibel 1.23.34 18 to 39 12th
Samantha Carson 1.23.47 18 to 39 13th
Cari Flynn 1.25.38 40 to 59 14th
Laura Esquibel 1.27.33 40 to 59 15th
Denise Trujillo 1.39.42 40 to 59 16th Tie
Tracy Miranda 1.39.42 40 to 59 16th Tie
Brenda Lopez St. Cyr 1.44.60 40 to 59 17th
Tammie Maes 1.45.58 18 to 39 18th
Amanda Lopez 1.50.00 40 to 59 19th Tie
Guillermo Lopez 1.50.00 40 to 59 19th Tie

Join us for the second annual Station of the Cross 10K-Sunday, July 29th, 2019. Check back soon for more details!

Town Hall Meetings

Town Meetings are held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 408 Main Street, San Luis. The public is invited and welcome to attend Town Hall meetings. If you have a subject matter to address with the town council please visit the San Luis Town Hall at 508 Main Street to be placed on the next meeting's agenda or call 672-3321.

The mission for the Town of San Luis is to promote the public health, safety, and welfare of the residents of the Town of San Luis and to protect, to enhance and to perpetuate building states/areas of the Town reminiscent of past eras, events, and to continue to provide examples of architectural styles of the past and facilitate the availability of incentives for property owners.

The Rich Hispano Culture in Colorado's Costilla County

San Luis and Costilla County were featured in a Denver, 9News segment, highlighting the rich culture and history of the first town in Colorado. CLICK HERE to view the video.

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